Our first preprint and software, GlyCombo, is available to evaluate

Glycan or polysaccharide MS data analysis is often challenging. We’ve developed a new approach that rapidly, and completely, identifies glycans and polysaccharides in raw MS files. This new software, GlyCombo, enables glycomics workflows that would have otherwise been too computationally expensive or slow to feasibly complete. To demonstrate our commitment to accelerating glycoscience research, we … Read more

Glycomics Pilot Launchpad starts today!

At Protea Glycosciences, we understand the pivotal role of glycosylation in biotherapeutics and biomedical research. From the role of blood groups in immunity to regulation of IgG half-life, glycans play integral roles in cell function and response to stimuli. That’s why, for a limited time, we’re delighted to offer complimentary N-glycan analysis services, allowing researchers … Read more

Selected for the CSIRO Advanced Manufacturing program

Proud to announce that we have been accepted into the @CSIRO #InnovateToGrow Advanced manufacturing program. CSIRO is Australia’s national science agency. We’ll be learning more about R&D and broadening our networks. This will help our development of glycan standard manufacturing.

Make your GlycoWorkbench SNFG-compliant

Despite being over 15 years old, GlycoWorkbench is a mainstay for the field of glycomics. The ability to predict and annotate fragments for glycan structures drawn in a GUI is a feature yet to be matched by other software. Due to its age, Glycoworkbench isn’t compliant with current glycobiology standards, namely the Symbol Nomenclature for … Read more

Hello Glyco World!

Hi there! We’re in the process of setting up this webpage but let us first introduce ourselves. We are an Australian small business set up with the key aim of accelerating glycoscience research around the world. We currently have three offerings:1. Consulting services – Advise your internal glyco research2. Analytical services – Acquire your glyco … Read more