There are a wide range of technologies available for carbohydrate, polysaccharide, or glycan analysis. The ideal technology to use for a given application depends on a range of factors including specificity demands, cost, sample availability, and quantitation demands.

Our glycoscience pipeline generates high value glycan structural data from
limited sample in a high-throughput manner.

We intentionally focus on released glycans and oligosaccharide analysis as we believe that our pipeline is best suited towards those molecules, and optimized analysis of those molecules can specifically accelerate glycoscience research.

Aspects of glycosylation

Successful execution of liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry (LC-MS) experiments requires significant expertise but the resulting data is unparalleled by other techniques including NMR, LC-FLR, or HPAEC-PAD.

Levels of glycan analysis methods and resource demands correlate with glycan structure resolution

Our LC-MS pipeline separates and specifically quantifies individual glycan structures, ensuring the greatest amount of data can be generated from a given amount of sample. This approach ensures that sample re-acquisition is redundant and our clients can focus on next steps and follow-up studies instead of questioning the confidence of the data generated.